To summarize the article below, a small simple bulleted list comes right here in the introduction. Here’s how to succeed with your marketing via Instagram:

  • Create a full profile and link to it from other media and your website
  • Be active and post content every day (if possible)
  • Use Instagram as a channel for customer service
  • Use Instagram stories
  • Lift up good “testimonials” on your website
  • Analyze statistics to get better
  • Create a nice design that reflects your business

Why is Instagram so good for marketing?

Instagram today has over 600 million daily active users and there are two important reasons why companies must be represented on Instagram. First and foremost, it’s because Instagram is a media where people are active; if you want to get attention then this is where you can do it. Secondly, Instagram uses Facebook’s marketing tool which allows you to reach your target audience in a very targeted way. This type of targeted marketing cannot be found anywhere else.

You have to use Instagram because over 80% of all users on Instagram follow a company. In other words, you have the perfect opportunity to reach your target group every day. In addition, in general, users of Instagram are very engaged and thus the medium can create opportunities for your company.

How does one succeed with their marketing on Instagram?

There is an incredible amount of material on this topic and sometimes it concerns opinions and sometimes facts. We have found some useful information that is aimed at companies. In many cases, it can also be applied to private Instagram accounts but the focus in this article is on how entrepreneurs can use the media. We have also chosen to focus on smaller local companies that may not always have the time or advice to create strategies and work with Instagram on a daily basis.

Profile and link

You need to link your Instagram from other sources. Your website, business cards, other social media, etc. Then you also write a lot about the importance of working with the medium itself such as hashtags, the profile’s appearance, etc. It is therefore about making sure your profile is filled in correctly and then promoting your Instagram account in every possible way. Then you also need to understand how to best use the medium.

Be active!

Furthermore, you need to be active and update the account frequently. Suggestions for pictures can be products, customers who use your products, and movies or pictures of what your company looks like behind the scenes. By that is meant some funny pictures from the office. Try to create a mix of different topics so the visitor feels that the page is not boring.

You should post more videos because videos give a different dimension compared to pictures alone. You can both become more personal but also create a feeling you want to share with your followers. A picture says more than a thousand words and a video may say more than a thousand pictures in that case.

Customer service

Responding to visitors who leave comments can give a lot back, more paying customers, and more engaged followers. You should use Instagram for customer service. It is absolutely perfect to create a living page by answering customer questions and interacting with them. Also, you may be able to reverse a dissatisfied customer if you are on your toes when this one writes something on your Instagram.

Follow people on Instagram who have the potential to be customers. Whenever they ask questions along with their photo and video posts, answer them.

The above point is perfect for a smaller local business, work on getting followers who can actually become customers with you. Try to get them engaged and create dialogue. Probably ten such followers are more profitable in the long term than a hundred followers who don’t really care about your company at all.

Instagram Stories

This feature is relatively new on Instagram and can advantageously be used for companies for marketing purposes. You actually handle the function in the same way you use the “regular” part of Instagram. The difference is that a “story” only remains for 24 hours and then disappears. You can even insert searchable words into your movie or picture and the biggest thing is that you can link. Therefore, “stories” become quite powerful for marketing purposes.

You can thus theoretically post a picture or movie with a word/place that becomes searchable for others using Instagram. Not only your followers but ALL can see your story, you can then add a link to that webshop or website to get traffic there. In other words, there is potential to really reach out to prospective customers with this feature.


You should pick “testimonials” from Instagram and post these on your website. If a customer is satisfied and writes something on your Instagram, you should immediately highlight it on your website. It’s an easy way to get customer reviews, which you can show to everyone.

Analyze the statistics

There are very good statistics to produce for Instagram today. You can see in detail which posts give the most likes, followers, etc. This means that you can develop a strategy that works best for your particular company. All by just analyzing data that is completely free. As a suggestion, if you want more likes, you can buy them from specialized services such as


Spend time designing your Instagram profile. Visually creating a great Instagram page/profile can do a lot for how many followers you get. Not least if you run a store online and promote your products in a certain way. Maybe you have a certain style or just want your products to be perceived in a certain way. Instagram has features to change the design of your profile to match what you want to highlight. We simply talk about different themes for your profile. Since Instagram is based entirely on the visual elements, it obviously becomes interesting to have nice pictures/films in a nice profile.

We hope this guide helped you along the way when it comes to marketing via Instagram.