Leather will always be a craze among youth especially teenagers, who vie for that uncompromising style and attitude power packed with good looks in versatile, hip and stylish leather gears. Leather pants and chaps have been the choice for all men and women for that incredible, sophisticated impression and easy comfort

Leather pants and chaps are like any other synthetic pants or trousers. Leather outfits were not popular till mid 20th century; it was only when rich and famous entertainment personalities and other celebrities adopted leather pants and chaps, that it gained iconic status as a dress gear. Leather pants and leather chaps soon became the ideal choice among bikers, riders, and travelers.

Leather Pants

Leather pants act as a style accessory as well a protection for legs. Ideally carved out in soft lambskin, cow hide and suede leather pants add a dash of panache to any wardrobe. So if you want to feel the air of hot trend and style in men’s leather pants then don straight cuts and jean cut in soft lamb leather, rich cowhide and suede. You can also get both low rise and high rise leather pants.

Men’s leather pants features belt loop waistband, zip fly front and ample pockets with comfortable lining. Leather pants in relax and tight black pants will make you look absolutely stunning. Suede-like finish with a rugged durability of leather ensures sturdy look with elegant feel in men’s leather pants.

Beside this, Women’s leather pants are sure to lend contemporary looks in low rise boot cut style for any casual events. If sleek and stunning are your keywords then women tight leather pants in soft lamb leather with zip fly and snap closure is perfect. Also get that hip hugging Capri black leather pant with hidden pockets, a zip fly with snap, split button, looped waistband and a full nylon lining for that ideal day moves. Ladies pants in straight styling and sleek feel will make it a just choice for any fashion lover’s wardrobe. Flattering, fashionable and tempting be prepared for rave reviews!

Leather Chaps – Men

Leather Chaps are the protecting accessories for your legs. Leather chaps are mostly constructed from sturdy rugged leather. Men’s leather chaps provide style and protection while driving motorcycle. The reason these leather chaps are an ideal choice for these bikers and two wheeler riders. Leather chaps prevent the bikers or motorcycle riders to get bruises while speeding high. It comprises of the major part of the speedster’s attire and available in pairs. These are main parts of the Chaps and are tied to trousers with help of integrated belts but at the same, they are not joined to the trousers and are separate accessory.

There are mainly two types of men’s chaps- batwing and the shotgun. The batwing chaps are flat at the bottom and have only two fasteners to protect thighs of the driver. This batwing chaps provide easy movements of lower legs while riding the motorcycles; especially in motorcycle races. Also these batwing chaps are useful for the mountaineers. Another advantage of batwing men’s chaps is that it provides easy circulation of air and provides more comfort during riding and climbing.

Beside this chap, shotgun chaps wrap complete portion of legs, are narrow and snug in shape. Each shotgun men’s chap is made from single piece of leather. These shotguns chaps are available in two varieties; one can be pulled onto the trousers and the other has zippers for fitting on the legs. These types of chaps are used while riding horse as they protect the rider from heat, which is necessary during windy and cold conditions. It is also used by cowboys, to protect their legs from cattle and horses, also use the men’s chaps. The main advantages of chaps include protection from thorns and preserve the rider’s trousers from dust.

Leather Chaps – Women

Women leather chaps are meant to protect while riding motorcycles and horses, similar to that of men’s chaps. Crafted from rich fine quality leather it helps in guarding the soft legs. Ladies leather chaps are available in vibrant designs and shapes with extraordinary finish. A vibrant combination of fringed ladies chaps for riding horses, tone half chaps for motorcycle and horse riding, elite colored half chaps for not so professional riders and bikers, Icon kitty leather chaps with full length metal zip for easy removal, available in pink color to match the skin color of women and motorcycle leather chaps manufactured in genuine leather with full-length zip closure are worn on lower legs to provide easy and comfy movements during driving

These chaps protect the rider from wind and snowy weather. A Ladies tone half chap is washable and has stretchable elastic to fit perfectly for various sized legs. All leather chaps are available in varied attractive colors for you to complete the look of your garb.

Leather pants and leather chaps are constructed to avert the rouge and revenging weather conditions both heat and cold, these vanguards protect against the rouge patch of weather by their thicker, heavier and protective cover. Also they lend phenomenal safety to riders and bikers against injuries during high speed rides. This type of leather pants and leather chaps are indeed useful to police, bikers and defense personnel who face the risk of injuries and have to face the climatic upheavals. Above all, leather pants and leather chaps come in popular dark grey, black and brown shades. Leather pants and leather chaps are durable, flexible, soft and comfortable and are available in hip trendy designs for you to indulge in pure leisure style and comfort with fully functional outfit.

So if you have style, comfort and function in mind then try on these multi-functional leather creations in myriad designs and styles and hook the hip versatile leather genre.