If you think coronavirus was just a melodrama, you are absolutely wrong. Millions of confirmed cases and hundreds of thousands of deaths around the world are not a joke. Such things are the damn serious man! No one is exaggerating. Yes, you can say some news channels and newspapers have been doing yellow journalism. They have been using the pandemic to spread sensation. But you can’t take coronavirus lightly.

The demon that took away the lives of 775K+ people is dangerous indeed. And in case you have already accepted the fear that came with COVID-19 and you have been the one who took all precautionary measures to stay safe during this pandemic time, let me tell you, it’s not over yet.

Lifting of lockdown doesn’t mean, the coronavirus has packed up and departed for some other planet and its task on our planet is over. I have seen the majority of the people taking SOPs lightly now. No facemask, no hand sanitizers, no social distance at all. I have seen people handshaking and hugging each other just like we see at the end of some thrill and adventure-based movie, the characters hug each other greeting that the demon or the calamity is over.

Actually it’s time to keep it the same way, it was during the COVID-19 lockdown period. Coronavirus can spread like hell again if we won’t follow the SOPs set by our govt. We should feel lucky that we have survived that fatal phase. Many thanks to the medical teams, pharmaceutical and medical equipment, and accessories making companies. The demands were too high to handle but they have done their part.

Particularly I would like to mention ventilator suppliers. And then, the Chinese suppliers for mask machines who should be given the credit of the availability of facemasks around the world. They have sold the facemask machines all around the world and people that enabled small businesses to step forward and produce and sell masks all around the world.

So the point I would like to mention, don’t let coronavirus fireback again. Take it seriously. Yes, you need to earn your livings, you need to go out, but you can at least follow the SOPs.