I’m sure we’ve all been awed looking at images of designer bathrooms. Unfortunately, not many can afford to spend that kind of money when we are looking to spruce up our bathrooms. But this doesn’t necessarily mean your bathroom has to stay generic and uninspired. There are multiple ways to make your bathroom look luxurious without thinning out your wallet. Here are a few ways to do that

Tile With Style

The first thing that anyone notices as soon as they walk into a bathroom is the floor and walls. So tiles play a crucial role in giving your bathroom a look of royalty, but they are also equally expensive. You can opt for innovative ceramic ones that are neither too cheap or expensive. Make the installation stand out by growing for dark colors or contrast of two colors. A great example of this is going for a combination of black and white, which is a classic and can never go wrong. You can also play around with design by not going for the traditional three by 6 inches format but instead going for something like two by 9 inches, which will make your bathroom look suave. So let your imagination run wild!

Don’t Forget The Fluff.

 If you think back and recollect all your experiences of staying in a hotel or spa, you’ll notice that most of them used fluffy white towels in their rooms. It is because white is something that signifies purity and excellence. So invest in some white towels to add that extra edge to your bathrooms. You needn’t worry about getting something high end, anything decent but in white color can get the job done. Also, get some mats or a rug while you are at it to keep your floor clean and non-slippery.

Use Some House Plants

 It is not something commonly seen, but trust me, it works. Small houseplants can add some sophistication and class to your bathrooms. They help draw the eye and add some depth to your bathroom, making a small space appear larger. Plants like aloe vera and orchids are best suited for this purpose. These plants can also recycle air by producing fresh oxygen and which helps get rid of foul odors.

Invest In Some Fancy Containers

This is something simple but seldom done. Transfer your bathroom accessories like shampoo and conditioner into other containers instead of using straight from the bottle. The best option is going for glass bottles since it’s a classic. But you can always go for something more imaginative like jade containers or porcelain ones.

Get A Fancy Mirror

 The mirror is one of the critical elements in the bathroom. So you must pay some special attention to it. The best way to do this is to get a large mirror with some unique aspect to it instead of a plain one. It could be something exciting, like a gold finish or a designer frame. I know this sounds expensive, but you needn’t get one from a fancy store. Just hunt around in a yard sales or local flea markets. You might get lucky!

Add A Piece Of Art

 Adding an art piece to that empty wall is an excellent way of expressing your personality. Not doing so is a waste considering the amount of time we spend in our bathrooms. So adding artwork can be a great way to bring your whole bathroom together. You need to choose artwork that compliments the other elements in your bathroom, so save this for last.

Engage The Sense Of Smell

Whenever you are enjoying a tasty meal, it’s not all because of the taste of the food. It’s also the sight and smell of it. Now that we’ve covered the visual aspects of making your bathroom beautiful, let’s look at how you can make it smell luxurious as well. The best and easy way to do this is through innovative essential oil diffusers. Essential oils are scents extracted from plants like lavender, peppermint, etc. tit is extensively used is holistic treatments for treating illnesses like headaches, migraines, etc. this is known as aromatherapy. Essential oil diffusers also last longer, so you needn’t worry about replacing them frequently like scented candles. So essential oil diffusers are a great way to make that relaxing bath even more enjoyable and adding that extra bit of energy when you are taking your Monday morning shower.

So you might have realized by now that living in luxury doesn’t always require money. You just need to spend some extra time and effort to create something extraordinary out of the ordinary. I hope you have a great time remodeling your bathroom!